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Be bold but patient: The journey of a thousand miles starts with one seminar.

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On Thursday 26th April 2018, Devoch Ltd held a launch event at the University of Warwick. The seminar called ‘Step into China' aimed to introduce the Chinese market to the local companies in the UK and invites Devoch to be their companion with their journey into the Chinese market.

The Chinese market is one of the most fastest-developing markets in the world and is attractive to all organisations, however, it is still foreign for many UK enterprises. Under the impending circumstances of Brexit; China is one of the best opportunities for UK companies to expand their business.

We were honoured to invite three international experts to give their perspectives on this topic. They were Steven Greenall, CEO of Warwick Music Group; Professor Jay Bal, University of Warwick and Paul Gordon, Strategic Director of Devoch. With their diverse backgrounds, they shared their knowledge and experience on this topic from the entrepreneurial, academic and consultancy fields.

Mr Greenall and Professor Bal shared their vivid experience of doing business in China. By showing their progress made in the expansion of their market and exploration of new partnerships. They helped our audience to paint a clear picture of doing business in the Chinese market. More importantly, they demonstrated the realistic challenges they met during that process. Our strategic manager, Mr Paul Gordon, presented data from a wider perspective, by showing the whole picture of the business environment with insightful opinion and recommendations.

50 guests were invited, including young entrepreneurs, Enterprise owners and institutional governors. After the speeches, there was an in-depth discussion about the topic between the speakers and guests. Followed by a lively networking session.

The buzz word in the seminar was ‘Patience’. It was mentioned by all our key speakers. Especially, during the Q&A session where the audience discussed their problems directly with the speakers. For instance; how to search for quality manufacture partnerships in China; How to change the image of Chinese company towards UK owners and how business relations could be reinforced.

Successfully completing its goal, the seminar helped to encouraged local businesses, institutions and organisations to explore the Chinese Market and to build potential collaboration with Devoch. Our service will be tailored according to the demand of our customers.

The services we provided include two parts, Strategy and Content, which covers 6 industry sectors. Global vision and international trade are not new concepts. However, it is better to have a loyal partner with local information to help guide us on a remote journey. Together with Devoch, we could help you make that first step to a brighter future in this golden era.

Photography by Carwen Zhou

Written by Doris

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