• Why Us

    There are many things about us that make us the best choice for a British brand or business entering China.

  • | Why Us

    There are many things about us that make us the best choice for a British brand or business entering China.

    • A corporation devoted to British companies and the Chinese market

    As our name suggests, we are DEVOted to the CHinese market. The mission of Devoch is to support British brands and businesses enter and grow in the Chinese market. It is a specialist focus and we believe we do it better than anyone else.

    • An integrated strategy and content agency

    We are the first of our kind; a full-service agency that supports clients with specialised market insight and a bespoke action strategy, from branding localisation to setting up digital and E-commerce platforms, from creating partnerships to facilitating growth. We understand the challenges that you might encounter and are experts at navigating them. We will put your business in China on a sound footing.

    • Multi-Location and UK-China team

    We are based in central London, central Birmingham, and Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China. We have a deep and intuitive understanding of the specific Chinese media channels and therefore ensure effective communication with the right contacts. We are a team that blends British experts on the Chinese market with born-and-bred Chinese professionals, all of whom deeply understand the demands of British companies.

    • Deep understanding of British and Chinese cultures

    We are immensely proud of our deep understanding of both cultures and our capability in bridging them. Our work for the UK’s largest Chinese New Year celebrations and other notable cultural events are testimony to that understanding. Many businesses fail in China because of the lack of cultural appreciation; we will guarantee our clients strategies and activities incorporate cultural and sensitivity issues.

    • Clear verticals of our expertise and skills

    China is nearly the size of the whole of Europe, with more than 1.3 billion people and 56 ethnic groups. No one agency can credibly claim to be an expert in everything. Here at Devoch, we specialise in specific sectors where we add real value. They include: luxury, fashion, retail, baby & children, sports, culture and tourism.

    • Long-term partnership driven

    Many agencies are short-term project based. We are not. We strive to be your long-term advisers and partners. The journey to the Chinese market is a long one, and it should be an interesting and fulfilling one. We are the agency that would always be by your side. We are your partner agency for your China dream.

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