Market Research

‘Grinding the axe does not hinder the speed of cutting firewood’, as this old Chinese saying goes, better preparation will always yield a better outcome. 

Here at Devoch, we never push our clients to enter the Chinese market without being well prepared to do so. We drill down on your business objectives to understand your international aspirations and use our expertise of the Chinese market to deliver against them. We help create the big picture by putting your vision and values in the Chinese context and generate possibilities through adapting to regulations and local situations.

China is a huge market, and certainly, a very complex one. The big picture points the direction whilst the details shape the journey. Understanding the nuances of each market in China is what we pursue in Devoch; it is the source of our constructive analysis and the foundation on which we create successful stories with our clients. 

Before embarking on the journey to the Chinese market, we help set each client’s action strategy. This is always based on thorough review and analysis. Our strategy is measurable with KPIs which ensure each client knows exactly how their business in China is performing and what our contribution is to that performance. 

Our Strategy Services include:

  • Corporate Vision and values in Chinese context;

  • Brand audit;

  • Market research and analysis;

  • Competitive landscape;

  • Customer profiling;

  • Product development architecture;

  • Brand strategy;