Luxury Fragrance Brand Heading China


Gruhme is a luxury fragrance brand for men. In 2016, Gruhme collaborated with the renowned carmaker, Morgan Motor and introduced a series of jointly branded grooming products for distribution via luxury retailers including Flannels. 


Devoch was commissioned to conduct market research on the Chinese market for Gruhme to define a market entry strategy. In addition, we were briefed to identify possible distribution partners and create introductions. 



The market research identified a market opportunity for Gruhme.

The launch marketing strategy was a targeted e-commerce campaign working in partnership with a famous Chinese retailer. 

In advance of the Chinese launch, we created a UK event to build UK awareness of the China strategy amongst UK based China influencers.  The mayor of the West Midlands was the guest speaker. 




Gruhme has received a lot of publicity from the China launch event and created a network of other fashion brands also interested in accessing China. Devoch is advising this group on their China strategies.