Midlands Chinese New Year

"Biggest Chinese New Year Celebrations in the UK" -- PM's Office


CFCB is the organiser of the multiple Chinese festivals in Birmingham. These include the Chinese New Year festival. Devoch was commissioned by CFCB to originate, manage and run all broadcasting and digital services for the 2018 Chinese New Year, the UK’s largest Chinese New Year festival, according to the PM’s Office. 




The celebrations started on 14thFeb and lasted to 18thFeb and millions of people attended. We sent in the crew and filmed each event. Devoch later turned the footage into 4 separate films to mark the celebration of each day. Devoch also generated a 2-minute summary film to cover all the highlights of the celebrations for distribution across multiple broadcasting and digital platforms. 




The celebrations were reported by BBC as the biggest celebrations in the midlands. Major national politicians attended, as did all local politicians and Officials from the Chinese embassy. 

Our films gave an exposure well beyond Birmingham and were seen to support the integration of the Chinese community into wider society. Not long after the celebrations, the chair of CFCB received a Point of Light award from Prime Minister Theresa May.