The Board

Lord Nicholas Monson


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The 12th Baron of Lincolnshire is an expert of PR, marketing and business consulting. He is the former MD of several businesses including Grenfell Communications.

Mr. Frankie Tsang

Chairman of the WCA and Vice President of the Confederation of Chinese Associations UK. Frankie is a successful business owner and torch bearer of the 2012 London Olympics.

Mr. Steven Greenall

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The CEO of Warwick Music Group, Steven is a specialist within the creative industry working as an executive for companies such as AFC, Midven and Da Capo Enterprises.

Mr. Robert Hallmark

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The successful founder of Gruhme. Robert has spent over 15 years as a corporate solicitor for companies such as Compass Group and Barclays.

Mr. James Wong

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Community leader and chair of several organisations including Southside Bid and the CFCB. James is the Chairman of the Chung Ying Group.

Mr. Philip Dutton

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30 years of experience in corporate and private banking, Philip is the chairman of Worcestershire Ambassadors.

The Management

Mr. Don Lee

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Don's first business was set at the age of 19, graduating from the top universities in the UK and China, Don speaks four languages and was nominated finalist for “Director of the Year” at the IoD in 2018.

Mr. Jonathan Sarabadu

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Award winning co-founder who specialises in mass media production. Jonathan also serves as a volunteer media specialist in the RAF Media Reserves. 

Dr. Doris Wang

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A researcher at the University of Warwick, Doris is known for her research in Film and Media sectors in addition to her leading role in Digital Strategy.

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