Culture is Everything

Chinese culture should dictate all of your strategies and actions in the Chinese market. The reason is straightforward: understanding of Chinese culture is the founding stone of understanding the Chinese market.


This is just like China's invention of Printing. Understanding Chinese culture is the process of creating printing model. When the models are correct, the language would be right. 

Strategy before Action

"When strategy is set before action, it leads to prosperity;

when action goes before strategy, failure follows".

- Xiang Liu/Han Dynasty.

Do not enter the Chinese market without any strategy. Know where you are going with authentic data before you get lost on the overpass in China.

Name, Title

Partnership not Project

Here in Devoch, we see ourselves as partners with our clients, not driven by short-term projects but long-term interests of our clients.

Like in the UK, many things start with a  cup of tea; we strike to be your partner who would still be sharing tea with you, years late or even longer.

Name, Title