Renown Michelin starred restaurant connects with Chinese market


With more than 25 years history and heritage, Simpsons is the first restaurant in the Midlands to receive Michelin star in 2000. Across the UK, there are around 100,000 Chinese students, spending £2 billion every year altogether, brining a net profit of £390 million to the country. In 2017, 337,000 Chinese tourists visited the country (increased by 29.45% from 2016), each averagely spent £2059 during their stay in the UK. In Birmingham area, there are more than 10,000 Chinese students. Devoch is commissioned to help Simpsons tap into this market with a long-term strategy to enter the Chinese market in the Far East. 



We conducted in-depth research and analysis on Simpsons core strengths and USPs together with the interests of Chinese market within their reach. In line with their overall strategy, we came up with a specific marketing strategy for the Chinese market. We implement the strategy with the following actions:

1. Overall contents and brand localisation into the Chinese culture and market;

2. Chinese webpage of a brand new official website;

3. Establish official Chinese social media presence and manage it regularly for the brand;

4. Plan and implement offline events to further develop the brand among the Chinese market;

5. Work with the executive team to plan an entry into the Chinese market in China;



"Since we started working with Devoch, we have seen a great increase of Chinese clients. We are very happy with it." -- Gianluca, General Manager, Simpsons