University of Wolverhampton​

Enriching Chinese Students Experience


The University of Wolverhampton has been providing students with the opportunities presented by a first class education for over 180 years. We were commissioned to further previous marketing efforts in targeting potential Chinese international students. 



Devoch did a social media audit on the previous marketing strategy and digital content to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Working closely with the client, we were able to gauge the requirements and expectations to create a strategy which conveys the Universities messaging to create additional demand for its services. Further attracting the correct Chinese audience, creating long-lasting impressions and increasing brand recognition.

The implementation phase included:

  • Market Review & Analysis

  • Translation services

  • WeChat Official Account management

  • Weibo Official Account management


An in-depth social media strategy was achieved, pointing out clear direction for better engagements with the Chinese students, which is in line with the university's general strategy: students come first. In two months, the number of followers on its WeChat have increased more than 20% and engagement rates improved around 30%. The numbers continue to increase as the implementation proceeds.